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SEAVON 2000ml Dehumidifiers for Home

SEAVON 2000ml Dehumidifiers for 5300 Cubic Feet (560 sq ft), 2 Speed Modes, 3 Light Modes, Auto-Off

SEAVON 2000ml Dehumidifiers for Home

About SEAVON 2000ml Dehumidifier

  • 【75W- High Efficient Dehumidification】SEAVON 2022 generation dehumidifiers upgraded with thermoelectric cooling technology and a 70oz water tank, ensure 26oz dehumidification at most per day which are better than other mini dehumidifiers.
  • 【2 Options- Convenient Remote Control】The effective remote range is 10m. It is more convenient for you to turn on/off the machine or adjust the speed or light mode by using the remote controller.
  • 【35dB- Ultra-Quiet Technology】The portable dehumidifier powered by advanced technology with no compressor makes it whisper quiet during operation. The noise is well controlled under 35dB without annoying sounds at sleeping mode, ultra-comfortable for sleeping or resting. At the Turbo mode, the electric dehumidifier will work with high fan speed and it will reduce your room humidity fast.
  • 【Safe to Use- Auto-Off】The air dehumidifier will automatically shut off when the water tank is full. The light will turn red when the removable water tank needs to be drained. If the machine blinks red light, please try to assemble the tank again.
  • 【Popular Function- 3 LED Light Mode】You can set the light on or off or breathe. We offer a 1-year warranty with reliable after-sale service for you. FREE upgrade to FULL-Replacement Guarantee -no needs to return.

SEAVON 2000ml Dehumidifier Key Features

Two Working Modes

You can set the high speed mode to reduce the room humidity quickly in daytime and set the low speed mode at night. Perfect for home use.

Machine Button & Remote Control

  • Power Button: Short press the button to turn on. Long press for 2-3 seconds to turn off the machine.
  • Remote Control: You could control it within 10m with the remote controller. Easy to turn it on or off, switch its working speed, turn lights on or off.

Live in Healthy Environment

The high room humidity would damage your wood furniture or musty odors. The SEAVON dehumidifier is a must have and it could help to reduce the room humidity fast and create a healthy environment for your family.

Fit Any Corner of Your House

This large dehumidifier built-in handle is easy to carry and does not take up a lot of space. It is perfect to use in any areas such as the Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Garage, Basement, Caravan, RV or anywhere else need to extract air moisture.

What can SEAVON dehumidifier do for you?

  1. Faster and Efficient Dehumidification. Using double semiconductors, it can quickly remove up to 26oz of water at 86℉ (30°C) ,85% RH daily.
  2. Remove the unpleasant odor, dissipate sultry air, keep your bedroom, bathroom, basement, and garage air fresh. It is not only a small dehumidifier for home, but also a portable dehumidifier for RV.
  3. Effectively remove excess water in the air, improving the air quality, especially after a bath or shower. Keep the environment dry and comfortable.
  4. Control pleasant room humidity and protect your health. The most suitable humidity for people is 45-65%.

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